Under the contract with Bit Digital Inc our team has to test the viability of the conceived product, its value and demand on the market. Not many people know that the main issue related to buying cryptocurrency in large amounts, is its limitation. There are limits on buying cryptocurrencies on the stock exchange, in ATMs and from direct sellers. The main idea of the product from Bit Digital is removing the limits on cryptocurrency purchase on account of many small joint bitcoin purchases in various places (Stock exchanges, ATMs, direct sellers). The future product user will get information about an available joint purchase, its amount, lead time and the best way to purchase (stock exchanges, ATMs, direct sellers). All the user has to do is to confirm the transaction, receive a payment from a buyer, purchase bitcoins and get a percentage of the deal. As a result, the product from Bit Digital helps large corporations to forget about purchase limits and ordinary users to earn daily additional income.

The product of Bit Digital Inc company is meant for an ordinary internet user with no economic education and no experience in cryptocurrencies purchasing. That is why your previous work experience, age, place of residence and specialized education are not important for us. All you need to start is a registered business bank account. ( You'll get $150.00 to open an acount.)

In accordance with the business plan created by Bit Digital Inc, an ordinary user is able to earn up to $1700.00 monthly as a percentage of the deals processed. As a result, Junior analyst's minimum income including bonuses can be $62400,00 per year. The main advantage of working with MVP is obtaining knowledge about the product activity that is not available for an ordinary user. Under the conditions of limited competition (an access to the product is available only for Junior analyst company), the percentage of the deals can increase many times over. Junior analyst will be able to continue working with the project at a stage of the finished application final testing. You'll have a free opportunity to become the first user with extensive experience and invaluable knowledge of the product.

Analytic Place inc
Job Description

Job title: Junior analyst
Salary: $4,300.00 + additional bonuses.
Working hours: 12-16 hours a week
Job Type: Part Time
Location: Remote/Work from Home.

General Purpose:
Currently, our team is working on a project for a large company called Bit Digital Inc. We are analyzing this company as a new start-up, its value, and market demand, etc. There are restrictions on crypto transactions using an exchange, ATMs, and direct sellers. Therefore, the main idea behind our aim and a client's product is to remove restrictions on cryptocurrency transactions by making many small joint purchases thru various sources (exchanges, ATMs, direct sales). As a result, the product from Bit Digital will help large corporations forget about these restrictions and help ordinary users earn extra money on a daily basis. We are looking for a junior analyst to partner with us in the US region. We offer a stable income, a guaranteed salary, and additional bonuses. As a junior analyst, you will be part of major research for our client. Under the guidance of a supervisor, you will participate in joint cryptocurrency purchases on one of the crypto exchanges. All purchases will be made with money from our company. In order to start the research, the junior analyst, during a trial period of 14 days, must register a business bank account, and a cryptocurrency exchange account and learn how to work with cryptocurrency in general. You will perform all of your duties strictly according to detailed instructions from the supervisor .

  • Check email from the senior analyst daily.
  • Report on all processed payments weekly.
  • Compiles a monthly work report...

Report for June

Total number of Ttransactions


Direct Purchase

Purchase on the Exchange

Number of Transactions





Amount of Transactions

$ 35.000





$ 1,750




Time Spent (hour)





Complexity of the purchase (estimate by 5 system where 1 is simple 5 is very difficult)





Describe in your own words the difficulties you faced when buying bitcoin.





The report was compiled by a Junior Analyst :

General Provisions:

  • The Junior Analyst reports directly to his supervisor.
  • The position of Junior Analyst is assigned to a person who has a high school diploma and reached the age of 20 years.
  • Junior Analyst should:
    - Be a confident PC user.
    - Have experience with Microsoft Office and Excel software.
    - Be able to use, exchange, and send cryptocurrencies.
    During the trial period, your supervisor will teach you how to work with cryptocurrency.
    - Have a business bank account.
  • Have several large banks within walking distance..


  • Register a business bank account. Our legal department will prepare all the documents for you to open an LLC. You must open a business account at one of the banks on the list provided by your supervisor, following detailed instructions. All expenses are covered by our company. .
  • Register an account on the cryptocurrency exchange. Your supervisor will carefully guide you through the registration process and detail how an exchange works.
  • Receiving money transfers from our client to the business bank account of a junior analyst. Transfers will be credited to your business account from our client to purchase cryptocurrencies for research. All translations are carefully checked by our security team. .
  • Participate in joint purchases of cryptocurrency. You will process our customers' payments in your business account. You will send forward funds and exchange them for cryptos through a cryptocurrency exchange or a direct deposit with a cryptocurrency seller. All operations will be carried out under the direct supervision of your supervisor, and you will be provided with detailed instructions. .
  • Check your email on a daily basis. You will need to check your email every morning to get instructions for the day from your supervisor.
  • Report on all processed payments weekly. You will receive forms to fill out and submit reports to your supervisor.

Junior Analyst has the right to:

  • Receive the information necessary for carrying out his duties
  • Submit proposals on his activities to his supervisor.
  • Get reimbursed for shipping costs.

Junior Analyst is responsible for:

  • Causing material damage to the employer.
  • Non-fulfillment or improper performance of his general responsibilities.
  • Unreliable information on the status of the performance of duties.
  • Failure to comply with orders and instructions of a supervisor.
  • Violation of labor and performance discipline.
  • Junior Analyst have no authority to dispose of any funds on the business accounts, only with an oral or written request from the supervisor.

Terms of work:

  • A 14-day probationary period.
    During the trial period, the Junior Analyst must register a company, open a business account, register an account on a cryptocurrency exchange, and learn how to work with a cryptocurrency exchange and transfers. Your supervisor will directly train you and manage the learning process. The probationary period starts from the date of appointment to the position, after the signing of the employment agreement.
  • A Junior Analyst can choose his own working hours. Working hours can be from 9:00 am to 12:00 am and from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm***.
    You choose the working time in the employment agreement. Working hours can be changed with your supervisor directly.
  • $4,300.00 per month + 2% bonuses.
    A monthly guaranteed salary ($ 4,300.00) is paid every 30 days. The paid period starts from the day the trial period ends. Your supervisor will notify you when the billing period begins. Bonus, you will receive 2% of each completed transfer or exchange. The bonus amount cannot be less than $30.00 per exchange or transfer and cannot exceed $1000.00 per exchange or transfer.

Acceptable time to work for our company
from 9:00 am to 12:00 am
from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
* - Under the guidance of its Senior analyst, a Junior analyst will learn how to buy and handle bitcoins.
** - Junior analyst will receive documents for opening a business bank account after signing the Employment Agreement.
*** - Salary is formed from commission from successfully processed transfer - it is 5% of the total transaction amount + guaranteed monthly payment of $3,500.00. The minimum payment for the task is $30.00. The commission is paid immediately after the task is finished.
A monthly guaranteed salary ($3,500.00) is paid every 30 days. The billing period begins on the day when the customer’s assistant opened a business bank account.

How to Apply?

To accept Junior Analyst position, you must fill the Application Form.